jossi mausi


beautiful munich in winter. 

beautiful munich in winter. 

just took a three hour study break to watch sound of music in miller with my blanket. 

it will never get old.

I am finally understanding what tumblr is and how to use it, so I guess i am going to use this as personal blog / place to post things I like!! So, i hope you enjoy this as much as my musings from russia. :) :) :) 

I am posting this on Tumblr instead of Facebook because I know that all of my Russian friends here would laugh their asses off at me wearing this shall like the old babushkas, but I cannot refrain from playing “dress-up” any longer. 

Also, I wanted to show you guys my new prized accessory!

Anonymous asked: Are you anxious to come home to Gods Country (Lewiston) and see your Grand parents? We have really enjoyed your blog and know you have had an experience of a lifetime. I think you will appreciate the USA much more now. Be safe this week,m and know that wwe love you. --- Grammie & Grandpa.

Grammie & Grandpa, I find it hilarious that you call Lewiston God’s Country, but yes I am very very excited to see you guys! I love you too! 

Successful Last Weekend

So this was sadly my last weekend in Vladivostok, and I am starting to go into my panic mode. I hate saying goodbye and I hate the idea of “lasts.” But, I think that I made the best of my last bit of free time in the city. I am truly going to miss feeling so independent/meeting new people everyday/this beautiful city! 

Here is a short list of things I accomplished this weekend-



*Last trip to our favorite microbrewery/restaurant.


*I bought so many souvenirs… It is out of control. I have no clue how I am going to get it all home… I think I am going to have to do some purging of clothing/other unnecessary things! 

*Bought one of my favorite street foods (it is georgian cuisine.. super good, super cheap)

*Spent the rest of the day painting matriyoshka dolls/listening to christmas music. I shamelessly bought a set of wooden dolls with paint! It was so much fun!


*Spent the morning reading in my favorite coffee shop with a big pot of tea

*Met up with Michael and Elena (a girl who facebooked Michael saying that she was interested in hanging out with Americans. She was REALLY awesome and we hit it off pretty quick. I am very sad that I am just now meeting her)

*Went to the Aquarium (which was absoultely hilarious, I will post some photos on facebook. There were more dead fish there than live ones… They perserved them in these really creepy scientific jars…. Also, there were some dead fish floating in the tanks with live fish… It was kind of sad…)

*Went to a cafe and played clue, scrabble and jenga

*Went to Subway (I vowed that I would NEVER do that here… but Elena insisted. It wasn’t so bad. I just got a veggie sandwich)


This week is going to fly and I am going to be in panic(I probably already am in panic mode)! :’(

I am so excited to see all my friends and family though!